A space management system only has addes value, if you also gain insight into the use ofyou buildings(s). iBASX has a management information section, which gives you different insights into the occupation of your property. 

Using iBASX for temporary occupancy measurements

As structural system within your organization iBASX is extremely suitable. However, for temporary occupancy measurements, as preparation for housing decisions, iBASX is the most reliable method. After all, the results are measured 24/7 and are not dependent on human factors. In collaboration with our sister organization TFM NewFacts performs utilization measurements for her clients. NewFacts provides the measurements, TFM does the analysis and if desired gives advice.

You have insight into, among other things:

  • Occupation of departments (zones) within your organization.
  • Utilization of the workspaces.
  • Insight into workplace needs per type of function.
  • You can retrieve any combination of data, giving you a realistic picture to base your strategic housing decisions on.

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