iBASX: the software for your flex work environment


Ever since flexible working has become more prominent because of “Het Nieuwe Werken” (new ways of working), more issues arise in companies, how one can ensure that the employees are facilitated as much as possible.

  • Where can I find a workplace?
  • How to optimally schedule and utilize meeting rooms and spaces?
  • Will I work at home today or at the office?
  • Where is my collegue?

Among others, the questions above can be answered with the iBASX software. iBASX is a software package by NewFacts and consists of workplace sensors linked to maps of your property. As soon as employees sits at a flex workplace, this space is shown as occupied on the map. iBASX is accessible from every location with internet access. This way you employees are able to check the occupancy of the office at home and decide whether or not to go to to office or work at home.

But even within large properties it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a workspace, iBASX is ‘the solution’ for this. Using screens on the floors your employees can find the available workplaces in one glance. A workplace can be booked for example 1 minutes before, so the workplace shows occupied on the map.


So if you are looking for software that can support you in managing your flex workplaces, please feel free to contact us.

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